About Treasure Hunt PH

Treasure Hunt PH is a Filipino-owned upscale sustainable store that brings premium pre-loved furniture, ceramics, and accessories from Japan.

Treasure Hunt PH believes that each pre-loved item has a story to tell, and it is on a mission to promote these continuing stories.

Socially responsible consumers with a knack for design will find joy in Treasure Hunt PH. With office divisions in the Philippines and Japan, the company sources only the best and bespoke items that possess first-rate quality and panache. Treasure Hunt PH caters to multiple tastes, from colonial, to minimalist, to brutalist, down to contemporary.

Treasure Hunt PH is weaved upon two decades’ worth of first-hand experience with Japan. Behind the store is a team that boasts a deep and solid understanding of Japanese design philosophy, as well as commitment to environmental sustainability and passion for quality lifestyle.

Treasure Hunt PH provides the right Japanese home and office furnishing that can mirror what real treasure looks like—valuable sustainable products that bring people joy. 


Treasure Hunt PH aims to improve everyone’s quality of life while advocating for sustainable home and office design.


Treasure Hunt PH intends to be the nation’s leading provider of sustainable pre-loved premium home and office items and accessories made from Japan.